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1. Pockets, lapels and collars should be brushed frequently to remove dirt.   

2. Stains should be blotted immediately and not rubbed.

3. Store your suit in our garment bag for protection. If your garment is cashmere we'd recommend some extra protection. 


4.  Creased suits recover well in a humid environment. Hang them somewhere damp and warm, such as a bathroom, or vaporise them lightly with water. 


5.  The cloth can be pressed with a cool to warm iron. Check the suit's wash label for details. A Savile Row tailor showing how to press a jacket here.

6.  After use, allow a suit to rest; wearing the same suit for two days in succession can cause damage to the fibres.

7.  To help maintain the shape of your suit always hang the jacket on a hanger that supports the shoulders and hang your trousers vertically.


8.  Pockets are loosely stitched closed and can be opened with a small pair of scissors if so wished. Avoid placing items in the pockets as this will strain the fabric and pull it out of shape.


9.  Your suits should be dry cleaned only. Dry clean your suits as little as possible as excessive dry cleaning can reduce the life of the garment. We recommend a good dry cleaner that will bring out the shape of the garments and not press them flat. 

10.  For fabric repairs, (rips, tears, etc) we recommend Invisible Mending and Pinnas and Needles. Please get in touch with us too and we'll see what we can do to help.

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