Reviews and Testimonials

"Highly recommended, flexible and accommodating service with a fantastic end product at the end. Well worth the cost and will use for all tailoring services in the future."

Matthew C, Broker

"Excellent service by Deborah. Extremely happy with the bespoke suit. Already put in another order."

Darren Y, Broker

"Great service! So happy with how my suit turned out. There was no pressure to choose something I did not like and they were there to help every step along the way."


Nicholas D, Veterinary Student

"I'm really happy with the suit and looking forward to wearing it!"


Nick I, Doctor

"This suit is incredibly comfortable due to how well it fits. It FEELS amazing. The Holland & Sherry Snakeskin cloth is so much fun. Strangers have approached me asking where I got the suit."


Adam L, Musician

"Deborah oml what an amazing suit! I’m feeling like the absolute top dog right now in it I flipping love it! And it fits so perfectly all my teachers are very impressed by my smartness!! Thank you SOO much it’s amazing!!! So comfy as well!"


R.W.D Student

"Fit is amazing"


Marc M, London

"I recently went to Lewis of London to have a suit made for my wedding.  Deborah was great throughout, helping me by bouncing different ideas and thoughts for a unique and personal piece of clothing. I recently received my finished suit and couldn't be happier with the final result. Ill definitely be going back again soon!"


Mark F, Groom

"Impeccable personal service from Deborah. She guided me through fabric, style and feature selection for my bespoke suit whilst taking into account my 6'4" ex-rugby player physique. The final product fits perfectly (and she insisted on making final fine-tuning adjustments herself) and the quality is amazing. 2nd suit already ordered."


Nick, Schroders 

"I was recommended to contact Deborah Lewis by a small tweed manufacturer in Wales. I have been very pleased with the service she has provided: prompt, efficient, personal and knowledgeable. My first jacket is well made and good value. Now for that suit!"


Mr Jones, Stroud

" Extremely professional tailoring service. The whole experience of getting a perfectly fitted, tailored jacket was a delightful process. From the choice of fabrics and linings to the smaller details of covered buttons and cuff style, everything was beautifully managed. Can't wait to come back for another one!"


Mrs E, Wales

"Just had a fantastic fitting with Lewis of London for a custom-tailored shirt that I have been longing for. So excited for choosing the fabric now and can’t wait to see the final results! If you enjoy fine clothing and the creative process, I highly recommend Lewis of London!."


Audrey Schrift, USA

"We’re so grateful that we stumbled across Lewis of London! We were in need of suits for our wedding in the south of France and we weren’t short of requirements; lightweight but not linen, standout but effortlessly stylish, perfect together but two different suits for two individuals… the list goes on. Deborah not only delivered two high-quality, perfect fit and utterly divine suits that met all our criteria and were completely ‘us’ but everything about the process felt personal. Her 'nothing but perfect' approach, willingness to go the extra mile and intuitive sense of our needs and expectations meant that the made-to-measure experience, from start to finish, was an unexpectedly pleasurable and memorable part of our wedding. My indecision and my husband's directness was met with patience (!) and it was a working partnership that got us to a result we would not have achieved with anyone else. We went with Liberty linings which are absolutely stunning and would highly recommend if you’re looking for something a bit special. We hope to work with you again soon Deborah to create the next exciting additions to our wardrobes.."


Leo Sanders, Guernsey 

"My second ever made-to-measure suit and a really positive experience. Communication was really clear through-out and we were able to adjust all aspects of the suit to make a really perfect fit. Am delighted with the suit. And very good value for money given the high quality."


Peter Sanderson, London

"I commissioned a bespoke jacket lining of Hokusai's Great Wave for my Holland & Sherry suit to be worn at a friend's wedding in Tuscany. The only problem was that the lining looked so good that the bridegroom wanted the jacket for himself!"


Aubrey Hill, Italy

"Deborah Lewis is a natural in her approach to designing and tailoring menswear. It's one organic and seamless - no pun! - process from selection of colour and fabric to choosing a style and taking measurements, to testing the look and feel of the finished items. Deborah considers every minute detail every step of the way without ever losing sight of the person who will wear them. It's rare to meet someone who is so committed to their craft. I am delighted with my new tweed jacket and flannel trousers - and look forward to having a new accompanying shirt or two in the autumn."

Devang Vaidya, Therapist

"I had an excellent experience with Lewis of London. Déborah worked in pair with an experienced tailor to make white linen summer trousers for me. The result is beyond expectations and the fit is perfect. I strongly recommend to contact her for a genuine made-to-measure experience."

Dorian Lachkar, Civil Engineering

"Lewis of London is fab! Her designs are tasteful, classy and high quality! Having always seen my housemate in casual wear I saw him suddenly looking like the king he deep down is. Highly recommend!"

Raisa Breslava

"Being 6 foot 7, I have struggled to ever have a suit that vaguely fits over the years. I went to Lewis of London and have just picked up the best suit that could have been made for me. The entire process was fantastic, with hours being spent taking measurements, talking through the right materials and then having the final suit checked. Would absolutely recommend anyone wanting a suit to come here.."

Ed Armstrong, PR

"Warning!!! You'll never want to buy off the peg again! The luxury of having your own personal clothing tastes and quirks translated into something unique and bespoke is very addictive. I love the results - some bold tartan trousers, a little formal with a slightly punk casual twist. Highly recommended."

Dave Cox, photographer

"Excellent grey wool trousers - perfect fit and styling!"

Katherine Ugeux, CEO

"Deborah has made me a wonderful grey wool suit with a beautiful jacket, fitted waistcoat and trousers. It is very elegant and comfortable and I have already worn it out twice in the last week. All parts of the suit can be worn together or separately. It can be worn formally or informally. Deborah creates beautifully crafted and tailored suits with wonderful inspirational linings! Thank you so much!"

Emily Purnell, History Student

"This was my first experience of made to measure clothing. The attention to detail from first fitting to finished product was exceptional. I found Deborah to be extremely patient, friendly and professional.I have now had a deconstructed suit, bespoke shirts and more recently a tweed overcoat made. I fully recommend Deborah and the service she provides and will certainly be using her in the future."

Steve Plowman, Percussionist

"Fantastic unique suit, made to measure from top class Holland & Sherry fabric! So happy with it :) I just ordered a shirt to go with it as well"

Ben Lewis, Pulsin'

"I was so happy with the tailored jacket that I went back for a winter overcoat. Perfect fit, great style and plenty of compliments. Another great experience. Thoroughly recommended!"

Brown Dog Jones, Musician

"Deborah has a fabulous eye and makes tremendous suits. She has me in mind and sometimes contacts me to show me a a cloth she thinks would really suit me. The personal touches in the suits are fabulous too. The next thing on my wish list is a Hokusai's "The wave" printed on the lining of my jacket. What is great is that Deborah knows how to make a CEO City suit and also the suit for a rock-star: her husband is a rock guitarist touring the world. My first suit was a City suit - maybe my next one should be rock-star?"

Julian Russell, Life Talent (second review) 

"Deborah made the entire process of bespoke tailoring, including fitting, style and choice of fabric a pleasurable experience. she was on time for our meetings and responded promptly to correspondence. I am delighted with the outcome. I will certainly be recommending Deborah's service to others."

N. Fairlie, Real Estate

"I have bought two suits using my own Dormeuil cloth. Deborah was excellent with her knowledge of tailoring and fitting which made me feel at ease during the whole process. I have to say that it is a totally different experience from high street shopping and I would definitely recommend this experience to anybody who wants a suit with tailored and detailed finishing!
I really loved my embroidered name on the inside pocket and the handmade seams!"

Suvasa, Acupuncturist

"I was let down by a high street tailor, running out of time before my wedding & generally clueless about how to find a suit good enough to meet my partner's high standards.... after calling Lewis of London, Deborah was amazing in talking through my options and making sure I had the perfect suit in time for the big day. Her service was excellent, she was very patient and she went above and beyond to meet my deadline. Most importantly the suit fitted like a glove, it's of excellent quality & I looked good enough to stand next to my beautiful wife. It was very reasonably priced and I would recommend this company to anyone."

Giles P, Groom

"Deborah makes the whole process of choosing a suit a delight. She was never pushy but helped me find what I wanted and carefully walked me through the process. The suit I now have is marvellous and it felt so easy every step of the way. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Malcolm Stern, Author

"Following a recommendation from my dad, I bought a suit from Lewis of London and am extremely happy with the quality and fit of the suit. Having previously only bought suits off the peg, Deborah made the whole process extremely easy, provided lots of options and worked within my budget. I had quite a tight timeframe to get the suit for a wedding and Deborah went out of her way to make sure I received it in time. I would definitely recommend."

Dominic, PwC

"I’ve bought a suit and blazer from Deborah and couldn’t be happier with the quality and service I’ve received from initial consultation and careful guidance through all choices available through to final fitting. Highly recommended."


Danny, Finance Director, Mayfair

"The suit could not be more perfect and I've had a lot of great comments. Will definitely pass people their way. Highly recommended!"

W.H, London

"Fantastic experience and excellent results for 2 suits (one for my son) and one jacket with Lewis of London. The process of fitting and choosing styles was very easy and intuitive, with brilliant service all the way through. All 3 jackets had bespoke art linings which are unique and the envy of anyone who sees them. Mine have Hokusai prints and my son's has a nebula. Thoroughly recommended."


Kit, Tech Leadership, London

"Deborah offers something special when it comes to customer service. Her measuring and suit fitting is bespoke and reflects in the results. I am very happy with the feel and fit of my new suit which was delivered without any unforeseen errors or surprises - so I can attest to the peace of mind as well as quality of her service.  I am now recommending her to others!"

Dr. Nigel Hargreaves

"I had the most fantastic and awesome shirts made with all the trimmings and accessories. I would highly recommend to anyone."

Ryland Davies, Student

"The suit that was made for me is not only a perfect fit, but incredibly comfortable to wear, so much so that I could sleep in it. I have very square shoulders and every suit jacket I have rides up my back as a result. I am thrilled to at last have a suit that fits me, and so well at that. Five Stars!!!!!!" 

Adam Paul Leach, Guitarist for Adam Ant

"My Lewis of London suit is certainly the best fitting and most comfortable suit I have ever owned. The process of it being created was seamless and I’m looking forward to my next one already. Great value and excellent service."


Paul Lewis, CEO

"I really love my new suit, the aubergine puppy tooth from Holland & Sherry is perfect and the fit and cut are ideal. Deborah has an amazing attention to detail and I was really impressed with all the options she used to customise my suit. I am so pleased to have such an original suit that I can use for both business and social occasions."

Ben, Pulsin Protein Bars, Co-founder.

"I was able to choose all the details I wanted: from the lining (a Japanese print) to the cut of the jacket and trousers right down to the number and type of buttons on the sleeves. Lewis of London gave me the advice and service I had been looking for and a suit that is a perfect fit. Thank you!"


Aubrey Hill, Italy

"Just had a fitting for a fabulous blue wool and cashmere suit with OM AH HUNG embroidered on the pale blue lining. Zip on the inner breast pocket and a mobile phone pocket! Can't wait for it to arrive! More feedback when I have. It. Deborah is lovely and the fitting was really fun.

26th October! Suit arrived! I tried on the suit with Deborah and everything fitted perfectly. We had decided to have a higher waist line and I was really happy with the result. The pale blue lining matches perfectly with the smokey blue cashmere and wool material with a subtle Prince of Wales check. The blue picks up the light and matches my eyes. I have two inner pockets with zips, extra strong trouser pockets, and a Buddhist mantra monogram to bring me luck. ! am in love!" 


Julian Russell, Life Talent, Founder

"The whole experience of personal tailoring was great. Deborah was excellent with her knowledge of tailoring and fitting and made me feel at ease during the whole process."

Michail Giovannopoulos, My Acupuncture, Founder

"The sheep on Shire Farm play a vital role in helping maintain a self-sustaining, balanced and harmonious environment - horticultural heroes, they are absolutely vital to the success of a biodynamic farm. Our Zwartbles sheep are known for their gentle personality and striking black fleece with contrasting white markings on the face, feet and tail. Passionate as I am about biodynamic farming and my sheep I have always been keen to have a suit made from their wool and the opportunity for collaboration with Deborah Lewis was just what I had been looking for. Once Deborah received the fine cloth (made from a blend of the coarse wool of our Zwartbles sheep and softer alpaca) she worked closely with me to design and fit a bespoke suit that is truly unique. Deborah’s attention to detail ensured an extremely high level of personal service which resulted in a suit that is not only of the very best quality and fit, but in every respect is of more meaning to me than seems possible for another suit."

Mike Booth, Shire Farm, Chairman, Lincolnshire

"Deborah of Lewis of London designed and made a bespoke jacket for me in Magee Donegal Tweed with a gorgeous coral silk lining. We worked on various designs and colour combinations to suit my colouring and physique until I was happy. The result was a gorgeous Autumnal jacket with a perfect fit and details such as cuffs that open, making it a truly unique piece. Inspired by this experience, I also attended one of her bespoke jacket pattern cutting courses."

Hannah, Milliner, Hatterly

"Amazing suit that fits like a glove! Deborah is a great tailor and made the whole process easy and fun. Will definitely be coming back for more suits in the future. Highly recommended."

Sam Judah, Neurologica Practice, Founder

"Deborah made me a beautiful suit in William Halstead charcoal grey tweed with a stylish lining of a London scene. A lot of time was spent choosing every detail including the type of pocket , buttons and lapel style. This the first time I've had a bespoke suit made for me and it's worth every penny as it feels so comfortable that I hardly notice I'm wearing it."

Simon Heneker, ODP, Bristol

"Thank you so much for turning my husband into dashing eye candy and giving us all a treat!"

J.F.L, Engineer

"After hearing about Lewis of London and having a personal measurement and fabric-choosing session I now have two pairs of the most perfectly-fitting, luxuriously textured and exquisitely finished pairs of trousers. Looking forward to the next purchase. Highly recommended.."

Nigel Castle, London

"Deborah made me a beautiful bespoke jacket for my son's wedding. She took great care in sourcing fabric colours that would co-ordinate with the rest of my outfit. I was so delighted with the final jacket which received a lot of comments and was such a joy and pleasure to wear!"

Pippa Brooks, Artist